NewFound Technologies
Corporate Overview

Founded in 1993
Industry Leader in IVR Application Development
Client Driven
IVR development incorporating the latest technologies.


We are a technology company that brings robust, cost effective solutions to our customers. Interactive Voice Response software development is our core competency. We are a leader in the industry and have a rich history in IVR application development. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio – the birthplace of IVR, our development staff has been trained by the best - Bell Laboratories. At NewFound Technologies, we work with the latest development tools and platforms. We also recognize that there are many legacy systems and solutions out there – all of which we can support.

NewFound Technologies solutions can help improve efficiencies in your Contact Center by implementing self service solutions powered by voice that automate both simple and complex tasks,

But most importantly, allow you to efficiently and productively focus your Call Center agents (your most expensive resource) on the calls that benefit you the most.

Our unique processes give you a competitive edge. We strive to understand your business and your customers so that our solutions are tailored to your needs. The efficiencies of this model can be dramatic. These efficiencies carry a strong ROI and will have a positive impact on your operations.

NewFound Technologies solutions are designed in creative and thoughtful ways. Customers feel comfortable using our solutions and it shows. We have a long list of Enterprise and medium sized customers.

Give us a call or email, and ask us how NewFound Technologies can help your business.


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