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Outbound Crisis Communication Service (OCCS)

When needed you can have urgent, critical messages delivered quickly and in a consistent manner to the people who need to know. Hosted at NFTI's hardened facility, OCCS automatically dials members of calling lists and delivers your message. Combine with our Inbound Crisis Communications Service for maximum flexibility. Include a special ICCS telephone number in your message so they can call for status updates


Inbound Crisis Communication Service (ICCS)

In case of an emergency, your Network Service Provider can reroute your calls to our secured facility within minutes. Your calls are answered at NFTI with your choice of custom pre-recorded messages. With the proper authorization code, you can record or change your messages anytime from any touchtone telephone. NFTI's secured location is equipped with systems and network capacity, and back-up power to insure your customer calls are handled smoothly and efficiently.

ICCS is also a perfect Product Recall Solution. When needed, NFTI immediately provides you with a toll free number, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the time period you select. The information you need to provide your customers can be recorded instantly, and the service activated within minutes.


Audio and Web Conferencing Services
Instant Access Audio Conferences

Instant Access conferencing is a quick and easy, reservationless, direct dial teleconferencing service, available anytime, day or night, from any telephone, without an advance reservation or operator assistance. You can set up and control the conference call from a phone or use a web interface.


Opertor Assisted Audio Conferences

NFTI offers a full range of Audio Conferencing services to meet your needs, with the right level of operator assistance and optional services. Reservations can be made with very short notice if necessary. Callers can join the conference via passcode with either silent entry or a tone to announce their arrival or operators can announce joining participants. Additional security can be provided, as well as recording services.



NFTI offers WebEx, the most comprehensive, easiest to use, and effective webconferencing service available. All you need is your PC and a connection to the Internet, and you can start a web meeting instantly. Use it to share documents or drawings for example, building blueprints, lay-outs, evacuation routes and procedures. Combine our web and audio conferencing easily for maximum flexibility. Also use webconferencing for Disaster Recovery meetings, and store Disaster Recovery training presentations for access from remote sites or for new hires.


V.I.P Disaster Recovery Service

For mission critical applications, NFTI offers hot-site services. The transition from your systems to NFTI's can be quick and virtually transparent. Your customers will never know there was a problem. Our VIP service offering includes: IVRs loaded with your applications connected to your host or alternate host environments; feature rich network facilities; optional interim messages and outbound notification. All of these are housed in NFTI's secure location with UPS and backup power. A team of technical consultants is available to tailor the service to your needs, perform regularly scheduled joint testing, and make changes as needed.


Quick Ship

NFTI maintains an extensive inventory of Conversant Systems and components available for quick shipment to meet you disaster recovery needs. In case of disaster - one call to NFTI and help is on the way with replacement parts or systems that mirror the ones you lost.

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