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Why Work with NFTI?

NFTI services are exceptionally convenient and easy to use. Applications provided by NFTI are coherent and seamless. Straightforward menus and prompts present information in a helpful and courteous format. Navigation and data entry are simple, quick, and consistent. The key to success in any interactive service is the User Interface, and NFTI has the specialists to do it right!


Telecommunications Expertise

NFTI brings extensive skills to the generally neglected areas of planning and engineering the telecommunications component of voice processing applications. Optimum call routing and efficient use of facilities ensure high-quality service at the lowest possible telecommunications cost.


Project Management

NFTI offers methods derived from experience in both client and vendor roles. Clear role definitions, plans, and processes for monitoring progress and resolving issues will be affirmed upon and implemented. We work with our clients from requirements definition to platform selection, applications design, development, launch, and lifecycle management.


Total Quality Management

NFTI's motto: Listening — Understanding — Action
to deliver the right solution every time!

A team of specialists review projects at every milestone. Every application is designed, written and installed on NFTI's own systems. Complete unit systems tests are executed on NFTI systems before an application is ever installed at a client's location.


Evolution to New Interactive Media

NFTI offers exceptional system and user interface design skills to help clients capitalize on emerging new interactive technologies, and has the relationships in place to track and forecast new developments in this arena.

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